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What We Do

Effective English means good business, especially when English is not your native language. That’s why we provide leading-edge training and soft-skills coaching in business English — all customized to your company’s needs in international communications. So whether you’re giving a presentation, writing an email, negotiating an agreement or having a break-room chat, you can increase your accuracy, confidence, credibility and impact.
At Standard Business Communication, we’re not just teaching English. We’re using best practices to create effective international businesspeople.
We can’t wait to show you how.

Our Services

From readymade classes to custom training, we offer affordable solutions to fit your employees’ needs for improved business English. Whether you want a group seminar or private coaching — at your place or ours — we can help. Please read more about our services. Then contact us to tailor a service for your organization.

Group and Individual Training

Presentation Coaching

Looking for more personal attention than a group setting allows? Need urgent assistance now for a presentation tomorrow?
We offer one-on-one coaching to support you in every step of your preparation, from brainstorming ideas to doing a dry run. We also provide video feedback so you can see your progress first-hand, and we can meet at your office, our office or another location.
With our expert coaching, you can make your next presentation your best one yet.

Business English

Need a focused approach to polishing your business English? As a manager, do you want to improve your international communication skills in private, away from your staff?
We provide one-on-one training — customized to your needs — on everything from business-English basics to presentations to managing an international team. So you can feel confident that you’re using the right words and phrases for your intended meaning, sending clear messages and positioning yourself as a competent international businessperson.
We’re available as needed to improve your English proficiency — or on a weekly schedule of 90-minute sessions.

In-house training:
Ongoing English Essentials

Do your employees need an ongoing arrangement for English proficiency training? Offered conveniently in your offices?
We can provide a weekly 90-minute training session on essential English skills for success in the international workplace — including emailing, telephoning, meetings, presentations, negotiations and more — along with soft-skills coaching on the principles of effective communication.
With this training, your employees can access a valuable in-house resource for continuous improvement.


Are you new to presenting in English? Need to refresh your skills? In this seminar, you’ll learn the core skills you need to conduct successful English presentations. You will also have the opportunity to give a live presentation, watch yourself on video and receive expert coaching on how to improve.
So, by the end of this seminar, you’ll be ready to deliver your message effectively, impress your audience and get the results you want.
Ingredients of a successful presentation
Creating the perfect structure
Audience analysis
Connecting to your audience
Effective openings and closings
Using the right body language
Powerful vocal techniques
Handling Q&A sessions
Are you an experienced international presenter? Ready to take your English presentation skills to the next level? This seminar — complete with video feedback and hands-on training — will equip you with advanced skills, new ideas and valuable tips from the world’s best presenters.
So you can dazzle your audience, demonstrate your expertise, overcome challenging situations and differentiate your company’s communications.
Planning for success
Advanced preparation techniques
Creating perfect slides
Tips and tricks from leading presenters
Best-practice strategies
Perfecting your message
Team presenting
Mastery of Q&A sessions
One key to success in international business is making connections that count — and this seminar will help you do it better in English. How can you build and sustain a productive network? How can you improve your business relationships — online and in person?
In this seminar, you’ll learn all this and more. So you can use your network to cultivate leads, identify business partners, generate referrals, build your reputation and drive the goals of your business.
Knowing your marketplace
Defining what you do
Successful small talk
Networking etiquette
Developing your personal positioning statement
Managing your visibility — online and off
International networking
Maintaining your network
Are you collaborating on a project? Assembling a team for strategic planning or creative brainstorming? Whether you’re making day-to-day business decisions or launching an initiative, your success depends in part on the effectiveness of your meetings, which are often the starting point for getting things done.
In this seminar, you’ll learn the English communication skills you need to organize, facilitate and participate in effective meetings — so you can achieve your objectives.
Structuring efficient meetings
Presenting effective arguments
Agreeing and disagreeing
Persuasion techniques
International meetings
Managing conference and video calls

About Us

Standard Business Communication combines proven principles of effective communication — along with linguistics and positive psychology — to help organizations improve their English communications. Our company was founded by Andrew Szabados, who has more than 15 years of experience as an English proficiency trainer and business skills coach. Born in the United States, Andrew is fluent in English and German, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in German, with honors, from the University of Houston.

What Our Clients Say

"We have worked with Standard Business Communication for several years now and are very satisfied with our partnership. Our Ongoing English Essentials courses give us the opportunity to boost our English skills while preparing ourselves for international business situations. The trainers are professional, flexible and always use relevant and helpful training materials. Thanks, SBC! You’re a great asset to our team."

Uwe Frommhold, Vice President AEG Facilities Germany at Anschutz Entertainment Group Arena Hamburg GmbH

"Standard Business Communication provides business English training to my globally active team, ranging from targeted support for individuals to group lessons. The content of the courses is tailored to our needs and has noticeably improved our international communication. Moreover, my staff finds the lessons both beneficial and enjoyable. I’m very impressed with Standard Business Communication and recommend their services without hesitation."

Ulf Maschek, Director International Productions and Development at Stage Entertainment BV

"My One-on-one Business English lessons with Standard Business Communication have really helped me improve my English correspondence, telephone and conversation skills. My trainer is very professional, enthusiastic and always well prepared. I feel much more confident now when l have contact with international clients and business partners."

Petra Rauch, Assistant to Director Productions / Executive Producer at Stage Entertainment GmbH

"Thanks to Standard Business Communication’s Presentation Skills I seminar, my presentation style has much more impact and “punch.” And the weekly Ongoing English Essentials lessons are challenging — never boring — and have really helped me raise the bar in my English skills. I’m happy to have SBC on my side. Standard Business Communication does a great job so I can do mine even better!"

Dr. Ines van der Schalk, Vice President Development & Services at Lagadère Unlimited Stadium Solutions

"My weekly Ongoing English Essentials lessons helped me to improve my business English because they are challenging but not frustrating, rich in variety and always include a nice sense of humor, which makes learning English enjoyable."

Till Johannsen, Senior Manager Legal at Sportfive GmbH & Co. KG

"Taking Ongoing English Essentials with Standard Business Communication helped put the finishing touch on our technical writing skills. And the Presentation Coaching put us in a position to comfortably deliver keynotes, conduct workshops and effectively communicate our digital concept ideas to audiences at pitches and panels. But most of all, we really enjoyed working with SBC and had a lot of fun!"

Rachel Mischke, Senior Product Manager at TeraVolt GmbH

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